Nikki Sixx Turns Photographer for Pregnant Wife's Revealing 'People' Shoot

The couple are expecting their first child together
 Nikki Sixx and Courtney Sixx attend the premiere of Netflix's 'The Dirt"
Nikki and Courtney Sixx Photo credit Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Netflix

Nikki Sixx has made a living playing bass and writing songs for Mötley Crüe, as well as other bands like Sixx A.M., but he’s also passionate about other art forms like photography. The 60-year-old has now combined two loves into a new spread for People.

Sixx was the photographer as his wife, Courtney, stripped down for a maternity shoot. The couple is expecting their first child together in a few weeks.

“As Courtney and I were planning our pregnancy, I was also planning on building a new photography studio," Sixx told People. “As soon as the studio was finished, I came up with concepts for the pregnancy shoot so our daughter would have them for her memories.”

Courtney – the How2Girl blogger - said part of her motivation for the shoot was to create a unique memory for her daughter as she grows up, despite being a little self-conscious about showing some skin at 9 months pregnant.

“Court was a champ,” Sixx gushed. “It was a long day and she beamed the whole time. What a great memory for us, as well.”