Ariana Grande's album update has us like thank you, what’s next

Oh and she also wants to make sure you’re registered to vote

Well, we couldn’t ask for much more to help us get through the middle of the week slump, than Ariana Grande sharing some exciting music news. Haven’t you heard?We’re finally getting a follow-up to Thank You, Next. Ari took to Instagram to share the latest update on her highly anticipated upcoming album, oh and while doing so, she also used her platforms to urge her followers to vote.

"Turning in these mixes and reminding u again to register to vote if u haven't already/to vote early," Grande said, along a a blurry sideways selfie.

Ari’s been using that beautiful voice of hers for more than just music, but to also be vocal about this years’ election. As for new music, thus far all we’ve heard from Ariana is a five second harmonious tease. And while we’re grateful to receive anything at all from the ponytail princess with angelic vocal cords, now that we know what we know, we want, strike that, need more!

So until the polls open, we vote that we get to hear some of Ari’s new tracks, and with a quickness. Just one single, c’mon, but like really, please and thank you (next).

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