John Oliver Confirms Beyoncé Was Photoshopped Into 'The Lion King' Cast Photo

Hear the hilarious story behind it

The Lion King is already breaking box office records with one of the biggest film debuts in history. With nostalgia, incredibly realistic animation, and a star-studded cast, the Disney remake is unsurprisingly dominating.

Also unsurprisingly, Beyoncé is continuing to shine in the spotlight. Even when she wasn’t actually there.

When the cast photo for The Lion King was released earlier this month, everyone immediately noticed how Beyoncé’s poise and powerful energy stood out. So much so, that it seemed like she may have been edited into the picture. In a new appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, costar John Oliver confirmed she wasn’t really there for the group photo.

A roaring crowd welcomed John to the stage as he confidently announced that he’s now a “gigantic movie star,” and a Disney princess. During his skyrocket to fame, he got to meet one of the most famous people in history… kind of.

“People are speculating she was photoshopped in- and you’re right next to her. Can you tell us whether she was there?” Stephen asked while showing John a picture of the cast photo and pointing to Beyoncé.

“Yeah, she wasn’t there,” John immediately confirmed. “Chiwetel was sitting in the front and he said, ‘You need to be careful where your foot is.’ I looked down and there was just this piece of tape on the floor with Beyoncé’s name written on it,” he recalled while reenacting his quick jump away from Beyoncé’s spot.

“If you look at my face in there, I look really intimidated... It’s only appropriate that there’s a significant gap between me and the actual queen.”

Watch his hilarious confession in the video above!