Demi Lovato Wants to Help This Woman Meet Beyoncé, and So Do We

Internet, let's make this happen

If there isn’t a campaign to have an official spokesperson for the Beyhive, we’re officially starting one for this Scottish woman.

A Scottish woman has dubbed herself as “everyone’s mother” in a Beyoncé fan Facebook group and has caught the attention of the internet. The latest photo she shared has the caption “good afternoon my beautiful beyhive it’s your momma here. This is me in my garden drinking beer and giving it the middle fingers to my neighbor’s who hate Beyoncé….. Homecoming is playing very loud in the garden.”

As many on the internet have been clamoring for a meetup to happen, a major celebrity has cosigned this initiative.

“OMG has she met Beyoncé yet? How do we make this happen? HOW CAN I MAKE THIS HAPPEN,” Demi Lovato said in an Instagram post.

We’re eagerly awaiting the day this meetup happens and for any type of video to come out.

Beyoncé’s Disney+ debut of Black Is King hit the streaming service a few weeks ago after receiving a surprise announcement during the Virtual BET Awards.

The project serves as a reimagining of the live-action The Lion King, where Beyoncé voiced the lead role of Nala. Black Is King is composed of music videos for songs from Beyoncé’s album The Gift, which she curated as a soundtrack for the film.

Additionally, the film features interviews with Black Americans and Africans focusing on the pressures they face growing up and how a commitment to community engagement can help you achieve “being a king.”

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