Gloria Estefan believes she contracted COVID-19 from a fan

She credits her vitamin regimen as the reason for her mild symptoms
Gloria Estefan
Photo credit Paul Morigi/Getty Images

Gloria Estefan, who since the start of the coronavirus pandemic has isolated at home, shared this Wednesday that despite all of the precautions that she took, she tested positive for COVID-19 in November.

The “Get On Your Feet” singer posted a video on Instagram in which she opened up about her experiences with her fans, detailing her illness and how she thinks she came to be contagious.

“On October 30th was the only time that I ever went out, and the reason I’m sharing this is because I want you to know how highly contagious this is,” the Miami-based musician said, sharing how she went to an outdoor restaurant with a small group of family members. “Everybody was negative, and we wore masks all the way to the table. When we left, the only thing that I can imagine happened is that someone came up to me when I was eating, and tapped me on the shoulder, they were very close, and they had no mask.”

Estefan believes that the brief encounter with that person is how she became infected with the novel virus. “I was in quarantine and one day I went out and met with one person that was not wearing a mask. I even held my breath, quite honestly, through their talk, but something must have happened there because I really had been nowhere else that it could have happened, I’ve been locked up,” she said.

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Six days later, Estefan began to experience mild COVID-19 symptoms. “The reason that I realized that I had COVID was because my poor chef was the victim of me telling her that the chicken that she made me tasted like nothing. I still didn’t realize until the next day when my breakfast tasted like nothing and then my soap I couldn’t smell, and then I started freaking out a little bit,” she shared.

After spending two weeks isolated on the second floor of her home, Estefan has tested negative for the coronavirus twice, and said that apart from losing her sense of smell and taste, the only other symptom she had was a mild cough.

She credits this with a vitamin regimen that she has followed strictly for a long time. “For years I’ve been taking extra D3, I take almost 6,000 units of the D3, taking zinc, I always take my vitamins. I take extra C, which all of that is very useful for anybody that may be having that now,” she shared, later adding that she also uses “B12 sublingual drops under my tongue, which is good for your immune system. I’ve been doing this for years, so maybe that’s also the reason that I was also so lucky with this.”

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