Justin Bieber Is Battling Lyme Disease: Report

His struggle is said to be featured in his upcoming documentary series

Justin Bieber is healthy and happy, but it’s been a long road according to sources.

The “Yummy” singer is rolling out plans for a big 2020, with a new single last week and an album and tour on the way. He will also be releasing a 10-part documentary series that will show the making of his new LP, and reportedly reveal his struggle with Lyme Disease.

According to TMZ, the series which starts on January 27, features Justin discussing symptoms with friends and family, trying to get to the bottom of why he wasn’t feeling well.

Bieber reportedly spent much of the year undiagnosed, as doctors struggled to find what’s wrong. Coupled with his battle with depression if was tough to land on a cause for his health issues, but doctors were finally able to figure it out and begin treatment.

Reportedly, his struggle with Lyme Disease was responsible for some of the delays in new music, with Justin and his team wanting to make sure he was healthy enough before releasing an album and going on tour.

Thankfully with medication, Bieber is ready to go with a tour kicking off in May.

Justin Bieber: Seasons will premiere on Monday, January 27 at 12PM ET.

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