Listen to the first Christmas song created just for dogs

Need a little 'waggae' in your life?
Pug in santa hat
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Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell woof. A new Christmas song has arrived that’ll please everyone in the family including that furry friend of yours.

“Raise the Woof!” is the first ever Christmas song made just for dogs. The song was created by, a dog food company based out of the United Kingdom.

“What’s going to get tails wagging this Christmas? Your dog’s first ever pop song, recorded just for them!” The company's website states. “When we all need a bit more festive feel-good in our lives, this song puts our dogs centre stage. It’s based on sounds and noises dogs enjoy - we call it ‘waggae’ - reggae designed to wag tails!”

The team had an impressive lineup of individuals ranging from veterinarians, dog behaviorists, music producers, songwriters, and of course, dogs involved in the project. The song was recorded at the famed Abbey Road studios, which is responsible for some of the most important recordings in music like The Dark Side of the Moon, most of The Beatles albums, and now, “Raise the Woof!”

All sarcasm aside, the project does support a good cause. created a special vinyl edition of the song, limited to 500 copies, that goes towards supporting the non-profit Dudes and Dogs. The group supports men’s mental health and matches a dog with a group of men to go out and walk and talk.

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It’s certainly shaping up to be an interesting Christmas with numerous classics getting reworked for the 2020 holiday season. Recently, a metal rendition of “All I Want For Christmas Is You” was released that’ll simultaneously please both metalheads and Mariah Carey fans.

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