Lizzo Apologizes for Putting Postmates Driver ‘On Blast’

The “Truth Hurts” singer responds after her complaint went viral

Lizzo is having second thoughts about a tweet she posted on Monday, directly calling out a Postmates delivery driver and accusing her of stealing her food. “She lucky I don’t fight no more,” she wrote in the now deleted tweet.

The reaction from Postmates was swift, but some fans were not pleased with the way the “Juice” singer handled the situation. Feeling some online heat and thinking better of her message, Lizzo issued an apology on Tuesday and acknowledged her responsibility when it comes to social media.

“I apologize for putting that girl on blast,” she wrote. “I understand I have a large following and that there were so many variables that could’ve put her in danger. Imma really be more responsible with my use of social media and check my petty and my pride at the door.”

Fans applauded the apology from the star who has used social media for a lot of good throughout her amazing year. Lizzo helped put a spotlight on mental health earlier this year with some candid confessions on Instagram, and earlier this week she helped coach up a follower who was struggling with the singer’s message of self-love.

“Loving yourself don’t happen overnight,” she responded to someone working through self-esteem issues on Twitter. “Self-hate is years of internalized programming from external influences. Sometimes self-hate is chemical & effects ya mentally/emotionally. Give your growth time— it took me 10 years and I’m still not 100% there.”

Lizzo’s message of self-love has been a bright light through 2019, empowering fans through her music on stage and off. The singer is currently celebrating her third week at number one on the Billboard chart with “Truth Hurts.”

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