EXCLUSIVE: That Time Lizzo Met Camila Cabello and Taught Her How to Twerk

These two amazing women link up for the first time at ‘We Can Survive’

Saturday night, both Lizzo and Camila Cabello were a part of RADIO.COM’s 7th annual We Can Survive event, thrilling fans at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles and raising over $135,000 to benefit the American Cancer Society.

Before the show, we caught the moment of these two amazing artists meeting for the first time, as Cabello crashed our interview with Lizzo, and left with a special lesson in the art of twerking.

“I have the material but I don’t know how to move it,” Cabello confessed to the “Truth Hurts” singer. “But lets reconvene on that, you give me some lessons.”

“I need to know the muscle,” Camila added.

“I’ll tell you what,” Lizzo replied, poised like a twerking veteran ready to teach the young student. “I’m twerking right now.”

“Are you? How are you doing that?” Camila said in shock, as both begin to bounce on the couch. “That’s what you do,” Lizzo smiled. “I’m doing left cheek, right cheek, left cheek, right cheek.”

“This is how you win baby. This is how you get a W over here,” Lizzo laughed.

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You can watch the entire moment unfold in the exclusive video above.

The 7th annual We Can Survive included performances from Taylor Swift, Lizzo, Camila Cabello, the Jonas Brothers, Marshmello, Becky G, Billie Eilish, and a surprise appearance from Halsey. Keep an eye on RADIO.COM for more coverage of this amazing event.

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