EXCLUSIVE: Meghan Trainor on the Meaning of 'Treat Myself' and Landing Nicki Minaj

The whole family gets in on her new album

Sometimes it takes time to get it right. Treat Myself was originally scheduled to arrive in 2018, but was pushed back because Meghan Trainor couldn’t stop writing songs. Songs about her life, inspiration from her family, odes to empowerment – it just kept flowing for the GRAMMY-winning singer. So many songs that the title track was eventually pushed out of the tracklist, left to be discovered on the special deluxe edition.

“I wrote too many songs, and may the best song win,” Trainor tells RADIO.COM in the exclusive interview above, celebrating the release of Treat Myself, which is now available everywhere.

“Treat Myself” might have given way to other selections, but the message is still strong and something worth celebrating throughout her new LP. “This song is so important to me, and it was a time in my life that I went through crazy anxiety and panic disorder that sucked,” she admits. “I got out of it, and my therapist said ‘don’t forget to treat yourself because what you accomplished, crawling out of that dark anxiety, was pretty incredible. So don’t forget to keep treating yourself, keep loving yourself.’ And it’s hard to do that. It’s hard to take the time out of the day and say, ‘I need a break.’ Whatever you’re doing in life you got to take a minute for yourself.”

Treat Myself is a compilation of several stories that Trainor has experienced, mining her own emotions and the lives of her family. From her newlywed days with her husband Daryl Sabara to the heartbreak of her brother, she finds the balance of ballads and bangers on her third major-label effort. It’s easy for a tracklist to get crowded when you also add a few other fierce females into the mix.

The Pussycat Dolls make a triumphant return on “Genetics” and Nicki Minaj brings fire for a flexing feature for “Nice To Meet Ya” on Treat Myself. For PCD it’s a perfect preview for the group’s upcoming reunion and Minaj takes her track to the next stratosphere.

“We sent it with a dream to Nicki Minaj,” smiles Trainor. “I didn’t ever think that she would write a verse on it. I didn’t know if she would actually hear it or like it. And she did, and she wrote the best verse I’ve ever heard ever on it,” she says overflowing with joy. “It really completed the song and took it to that woman empowerment level that I only could dream of on any song.”

Minaj and Meghan finally met when they shot the video for “Nice To Meet Ya,” with Trainor blown away as the “Super Bass” singer went from calm and cool to unleashing her fury. “I was like, ‘we’re not worthy,’” she laughs. “I was just screaming, and starstruck, and in awe.”

To hear much more from Meghan Trainor, including how her family got involved in singing on Treat Myself, watch the full interview above. The album is now available everywhere.

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