EXCLUSIVE: NCT 127 on Being Inspired by Justin Bieber and Having 'No Limits'

The K-pop group is sharing who they want to collaborate with

K-pop group NCT 127 refuses to be boxed in, picking up influence and inspiration from every corner of the globe.

“We channel a variety of styles in our music because our name itself, Neo Culture Technology, we always want to show the world how we have no limits and how we always bring something new,” the group explains in the exclusive interview above, moving as a collective force on their own bold path.

“Not just Latin, but we actually touch a lot of other genres. When it comes to styles, we’re open to them and we're just ready to make everything seem like it’s from NCT 127. That’s what we have in mind.”

The group has been breaking barriers all year, making their debut on US TV and finding new fans with their English single, “Highway to Heaven.”

“We also feel the same way about dancing,” they nod in agreement. “The rhythm comes along with everything. If it’s a new rhythm we try to practice that as well and just always bring something new.”

As the group builds a new sound, they still continue to look back at some of the great who have inspired them. From Stevie Wonder to Justin Bieber to Lil Dicky, NCT 127 have been motivated by their music and hope to collaborate with them as well.

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“We’re so diverse right now,” they laugh. “It just tells you how much we’re open to everything.”