RADIO.COM LIVE Check In: CRAVITY on their favorite new songs and K-pop inspirations

CRAVITY SEASON 3 has arrived

CRAVITY, K-pop’s “2020 Super Rookie,” just debuted their third studio album, CRAVITY SEASON 3. [HIDE OUT: BE OUR VOICE ] and now nothing is stopping Minhee, Wonjin, Serim, Seongmin, Taeyoung, Hyeongjun, Woobin, Allen and Jungmo from giving us all a passionately ambitious new set of songs.

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For the first time on RADIO.COM, the group caught up with Kevan Kenney to answer questions from fans and share insights about the dynamic new album. From discussing their dream superpowers to their biggest inspirations in music, to who they’d want to trade places with in the boy band, CRAVITY opens up about what makes them truly unique.

CRAVITY’s first song on the new album “My Turn,” showcases the rising group’s ability to pair cunning dance moves with dynamic beats and lyrics, giving fans a powerful new moment in K-pop history.

In a recent statement about CRAVITY SEASON 3. [HIDE OUT: BE OUR VOICE] the band shares that the three-part series of music, “depicts the journey and process of 'them,' who used to be different, becoming 'us' through empathy for each other.” Additionally, part three “is ready to connect the members together; the times when they were trainees running nonstop to achieve their dream, the dream of their debut finally coming true, and the times and memories after they were given the name CRAVITY.”

While speaking with us, CRAVITY shared that one of their biggest inspirations in the K-pop sphere at the moment is the group, NCT. Allen adds, “their performances are breathtaking and their live singing skills are flawless.” Everyone in the group concurs that NCT’s technical skills are ones to aspire to.

When asked about the most challenging part of creating their third album, the band shared that recording their track “Dangerous” and “Bad Habits” were more difficult to record. Allen says, “the vibe is like really hard to execute… it was really hard for us but I’m happy with the way it came out.”

However, CRAVITY’s favorite song on the new album is “Call My Name.” But Taeyoung chimes in to share, “'Bad Habits’ is my favorite song, it’s totally my style.” And Jungmo adds, “‘Bad Habits’ touched my feelings.”

As CRAVITY is on the up and up we can’t wait to see what’s next for the group, considering they’ve totally “touched” our “feelings” as well!

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