Why Miley Cyrus Lied About Losing Her Virginity: 'So I Didn't Seem Like a Loser'

'I just made somebody up that I knew'

Ah, the tangled webs we weave...

Back in 2010 on set of the film The Last Dance, singer Miley Cyrus met her future beau, Liam Hemsworth and apparently lied to him about her virginity at the time, which eventually came around to bite her back.

On the latest Call Her Daddy podcast, Cyrus opened up to host Alex Cooper about when she first went "all the way," and her reasons for not telling the truth to Hemsworth.

"I was 16. It wasn't Nick Jonas," she said quickly shutting down any rumor mills. "But I ended up marrying the guy, so that's pretty crazy."

"I lied and said that he wasn't the first so I didn't seem like a loser," says Cyrus about her truth-stretching. "He said, 'Oh, who have you had sex with,' and I couldn't think of anyone, so I just made somebody up that I knew but we had never actually had sex before."

Being coy but somewhat specific is what landed her in trouble, eventually, when a female friend of Hemsworth's ended up tying the knot with the person Miley mentioned in the lie.

"Then it was like, 'Oh now my friend is marrying someone you've hooked up with?'" she remembers of the awkward conversation with Hemsworth. "So then, when I was like 24, I had to say that I lied when I was 16. It was a lie that I held onto for, like, 10 years."

Miley and Liam ended up getting engaged for a brief period in 2012/2013, split for some time and eventually wed in 2018. Less than a year later the couple split again with Cyrus moving on to relationships with reality star Kaitlynn Carter and singer Cody Simpson.

After ten months of dating, Cyrus who just released her brand new single "Midnight Sky," and Simpson have reportedly called it quits.

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