Amy Lee admits that the male voice was forced onto Evanescence's breakout hit, 'Bring Me to Life'

How the addition of male vocals shaped Lee's career perspective

Amy Lee revealed an artistic conflict in recording Evanescence’s mega hit “Bring Me To Life” with a male backup singer.

“The fact that it was a woman and a piano that started the track was just too much,” the singer told The Forty-Five, commenting on Paul McCoy’s guest vocals. “That was really hard for me because I had to start out with our first song feeling like I made a sacrifice on my art.”

Lee says record executives were eager for McCoy to join the group in an effort to show audiences something “familiar.” The sexist remark shaped her perspective on popular music. “I had to think we were being dropped for that because I said no.”

“Eventually we came to the compromise that we only had to do it on one song and it could be a guest vocalist.”

The moment still looms as a career spectre for Amy, reminding her to stay true to artistic freedom. “If that song, like that, was the only thing people ever heard of us on a mainstream level and then we went away, I would be not happy. I would be very disappointed in my career, because I would have felt really misunderstood and like I should have stood up for myself in the first place.”

“Luckily I did stand up for myself, but I would have wished that I’d tried harder. We did survive it, thank god.”

Amy joined RADIO.COM for an exclusive FANDEMIC Instagram Live in August, and went into detail about the meaning of Evanescence’s music. “Our music, to me, isn’t depressing music but I’ll go there. That’s kind of what we do. We go to the deepest, hardest places and for me it brings me so much satisfaction to be able to do that. Because I took something in my life that was really painful… and spun it into something that I love and something that other people can love.”

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