Pet store drug dealers just one of the ways Corey Taylor admits he lost money

How the Slipknot star became too high a roller

Corey Taylor should be low on your list of people with great financial advice. It’s easy to come to this conclusion after the Slipknot frontman recently talked with Men’s Health magazine about erratic spending habits early in his career.

The “From Can to Can’t” singer says after receiving his first big pay day he strolled into a Best Buy electronics store and “spent $10,000 on DVDs and a player. And I do mean $10,000. They couldn't give me a real receipt. They had to print me out pages. I had four carts going at once."

Think about that for a second. $10,000 total on a DVD player and separate DVD’s. Slipknot’s debut album released in 1999. Let’s just imagine Corey got paid big two years later and a DVD player cost around $1,200. We’ll also assume DVD’s were priced at about $30 each. That means Corey bought NEARLY 300 DVD’S.

Do you know what 300 DVD’s looks like? Something similar to this:

Taylor also invested in passion projects. He says a tattoo artist friend convinced him to finance an Iowa parlor. “There weren’t a lot of tattoo shops in Iowa, so I was, like, ‘Yeah, it’s great,’” he recalls. “However, he decided to put it in the middle of nowhere, in a town in the middle of nowhere, where nobody could get to it.”

Another venture started with innocent intentions; Provide pet fish for consumers. “And then, a relative of mine convinced me to invest in pet stores, in supplying pets – fish – for pet stores around the area. And that was a lot.”

But that got dark, really fast, when the store owners used the business as a front for drug sales. “Needless to say, drugs got involved, and not only did the entire operation get seized, almost all the animals died, and then tax time came, and I didn’t even know that you were supposed to set stuff aside for taxes.”

Corey says his greatest investment over the past few decades has been his sobriety. "I'm 10 years sober now and it's been fits and starts, but once you commit yourself to it, you find there are other people who are dedicated to it as well and it gives you the strength to carry on."

Slipknot’s band leader has proven a far more savvy business person as of late. Before the release of his latest album CMFT earlier this month, Taylor promoted the work with a pay-per-view concert series in Los Angeles and wrestling video game.

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