Corey Taylor now has his own 'CMFT' wrestling video game

Enter the thunder dome of Slipknot's frontman

Corey Taylor is translating his love of wrestling into a new online video game promoting his latest album CMFT.

The Slipknot frontman enters the ring to contest virtual rivals while jamming out to tracks from his latest release. Corey’s game avatar is outfitted in plaid pants, a plain jacket, revealing undershirt and fancy hat. “There can only be one champion,” Taylor tweeted alongside game footage. “Battle for the #CMFT Title Belt and claim it as your own.”

If you’re a fan of late gen graphics and arcade style game-play, this user experience is something to consider. Think Punch-Out!! with Mike Tyson, but replace the former heavy weight champion with Corey Mother F***ing Taylor and a soundtrack that rattles your soul.

Fans can get access to the game at his website. You’ll need a major music streaming platform to login.

Taylor is getting creative in promoting his latest album. He recently performed a new streaming concert loaded with pyrotechnics, professional lights, a dance troupe and an empty LA Forum stadium.

He tells Variety a dad joke inspired the live music event. "My guitarist Christian Martucci and I had this idea for a concert at The Forum based on a horrible dad joke — like, you’re either ‘Forum or Against ‘Em’ — and we thought it was the funniest thing in the world.”

Corey also spoke with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe as part of the At Home series, and described the influence Metallica had on his career with Slipknot. “And that’s where Metallica, I really feel, is the blueprint, because they keep finding ways to break new ground, play every continent. They’ll be the first band to play Mars, I’m convinced of that.”

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