Corey Taylor Responds to Craigslist Ad for Slipknot Cover Band

His credentials are pretty strong

To use a sports analogy, a tribute band getting endorsed by the act they’re covering must be akin to an athlete getting the call up to the big leagues.

That’s exactly what happened to a New Jersey Slipknot tribute band as Corey Taylor answered an ad the group put out seeking a vocalist.

“We are in need of someone in the same or near same physical shape as Corey Taylor, 5’8. That has the same vocal range, stage experience is a must! Be able to command a crowd and act the part,” the Craigslist listing wrote.

Taylor tweeted out a response to the ad saying, “If you’re interested, I’m also sitting at 166 lbs…”

The tribute act, called Of The (SiC), was praised in the comments of Taylor’s tweet as many users backed up their claim of being one of the finest Slipknot acts.

The group takes that distinction seriously, writing in their ad, “Please be dedicated, if you decide to be a part of this band, we need you to give it your all for as long as the band exists.”

If you’re interested in the gig, the band notes you will “need to buy multiple jumpsuits,” but a mask will be provided for you “for accuracy sake.”

Taylor recently put up several of his guitars for auction to benefit COVID-19 relief efforts. Each guitar came with a case and certificate of authenticity. The auction benefitted Direct Relief, an organization working to provide health workers and medical facilities protective gear and critical care medication to use in the fight against COVID-19.

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