Corey Taylor says 'f*** off' to cancel culture: 'you don't get to cancel me'

A stinging rebuke of the modern trial by public opinion

Corey Taylor lashed out against the online social phenomena known as “Cancel Culture,” telling publication NME in a recent interview “it’s the egotism of a horde.”

The Slipknot frontman recently released the single “Culture Head,” which is featured on his upcoming solo album CMFT, due out October 2. It examines the practice of social media users who identify controversial words or actions and virtually banish the offender from public consciousness. “It’s just so rampant and so ferocious and I don’t, for the first time in my life, see a way out,” he tells the publication.

“I don’t see a way of things getting better. And I really wish I could. I try not to let it get me down, but how can you not?”

Taylor believes canceling people online isn’t a solution to more systemic problems. He blames the “progressive generation” that “doesn’t f***ing understand because it’s more complicated than something they can read on a phone.”

He believes the movement has gone too far, even fearing the movement’s scope could land on his reputation in the near future. “You don’t get to cancel me. Do you think you and your hordes can cancel me? F*** off,” Taylor spouted. “You know, it’s the egotism of a horde that thinks that they can just absolutely cancel someone and destroy their livelihood. It’s a case of the medicine not fitting the illness.”

But Corey’s view on social and behavioral issues are not all blaze and bluster. He spoke with RADIO.COM during our mental health special I’m Listening. Taylor stressed the importance of patience and self-discovery to find coping mechanisms against mental health emergencies. “For me, I’ve been a massive advocate of telling people ‘find what works,’” he said. "If it’s medication, it’s medication. If it’s therapy it’s therapy. If it’s both, it’s both.”

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