Watch Dave Grohl Sing, Travel America With Big Bird and Elmo on 'Sesame Street'

The Foo Fighters frontman makes new friends

Dave Grohl found his way to "Sesame Street," but he didn’t stay for very long. After running into Big Bird and Elmo, the trio rocked their way on a trip across America in search of new friends.

The Foo Fighters frontman, the tall yellow one and the short red one performed their “Here We Go Song,” and yes there was electric guitar, while visiting all corners of the United States.

“I was just thinking, there are friends everywhere – even ones you don’t know,” Grohl observes before the journey begins. “How can you have friends that you don’t know?” Big Bird asks puzzledly. “I just mean there’s lots of people all across America we could be friends with – we just haven’t met them yet,” Grohl explains.

Grohl's appearance is part of Sesame Street’s 50th anniversary celebration – the new season kicks off on Saturday.

Grohl is no stranger to the younger audience. He had a guest spot on “Ryan’s Mystery Playdate” two weeks ago, appeared on ABC’s 2015 Muppets TV show, and served as a fill-in drummer in the 2011 film “The Muppets.”

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