Dee Snider Says New AC/DC Album Is Being Made: 'Brian Johnson Is Back'

Next LP said to include guitar parts from late Malcolm Young

There have been rumblings for months about new AC/DC music with Brian Johnson and Phil Rudd back in the band, now those murmurs are turning into a roar.

Responding to a fan’s question on Twitter, Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider revealed all four surviving core members of AC/DC reunited to record an album that includes rhythm guitar tracks from the late Malcolm Young.

“It’s as close as you can get to the original band,” Snider added.

That quote gains even more credence when coupled with a statement from Behomoth frontman Nergal, who also seems to be plugged in to what’s happening.

“I know there’s a new AC/DC album in the making with Malcolm Young,” he told Loudwire. “It’s coming. It’s going to be an outtake from Rock or Bust. What do I expect? I expect nothing more and nothing less, just give me f****** rhythm and Angus and Malcom’s guitar. Don’t give me anything extra. (Brian Johnson) is back in the band.”

AC/DC’s longtime engineer, Mike Fraser, confirmed in April that the Aussie rockers were in the studio, and Johnson and Rudd were spotted together outside a recording studio in Vancouver last year.

Johnson was forced to leave AC/DC during its tour in 2016 because of serious hearing loss, and Rudd was replaced amid legal issues. A new AC/DC album would be the band’s first since 2014’s Rock or Bust. The title track peaked at #8 on the Billboard rock chart.

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