The Fans Have Spoken, and This Is the Greatest Metallica Song of All Time

'Taste me you will see, more is all you need'

It's the bracket to end all brackets... a metalhead's dream. The band has given their official stamp of approval on the greatest Metallica song of all time.

Last month, using streaming numbers to seed the rounds, the heavy metal veterans launched "Some Kind Of Bracket" as a fun way to engage fans while under quarantine.

Now the voting is over and guess what, it's not "Sandman!" The masses have spoken and the results are overwhelming positive - 'Tallica's 1986 anti-drug anthem "Master Of Puppets" reigns supreme, beating out "One" in the finals, as well as "Enter Sandman" and "Fade To Black" in the semis.

“The people have spoken," an announcement on Instagram proclaims. "Your champion is ~ drum roll please ~ 'MASTER OF PUPPETS!'… no wonder that thing is in the Library of Congress! Thanks for playing along with us!”

Now, while you're in the mood: Here's a killer live version of the track filmed in 2012 in Edmonton and Vancouver, Canada for the band's Metallica Through The Never film, which they've tapped as the song's official video.

Metallica have been keeping busy while under stay-at-home orders not only revving up their fans with madness inducing tournaments, but also dropping the industry's first(?) whiskey box set, popping in on frontline health responders to give thanks, and leading community efforts through their own charity, All Within My Hands.

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