Fox News' Greg Gutfield Shares a Touching Tribute To Power Trip Singer Riley Gale

The story of how an unlikely friendship came to be

Tributes to the late Power Trip vocalist Riley Gale have been circulating ever since his passing earlier this week, but the latest comes from an unexpected source. Fox News.

Greg Gutfeld of the Fox News show The Five donned a Power Trip t-shirt in memory of Gale and shared the story of how the two developed an unlikely friendship.

Back in 2017, The Five played a Power Trip song on the air without the band’s permission. Gale called for a cease and desist with the left-leaning musician upset with their song being played on the channel.

A phone conversation ensued between Gutfeld and Gale with the Fox News host sharing the story on how the two ended up becoming friends.

"I became friends with Riley in the most unlikely realm, Twitter. I played two of his songs right here on The Five from his amazing record Nightmare Logic. If you love metal, you'll dig that. And you should get it and make that album go Number One,” Gutfeld said.

“The band's Twitter reaction after I played their songs? 'Cease and desist.' But Riley wanted to talk about it, so I called him up. The phone call lasted two and a half hours. We laughed at how some people think it's wrong for people who disagree to be friends. From that moment on, that's what we became: friends. Good friends. He gave me this damn shirt,” he added.

Gutfeld mentioned that the two spoke together often during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It was clear this period was hitting him pretty hard, so we helped each other out. I wish I had done more, frankly. I'm going to miss him,” Gutfeld said.

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