RADIO.COM LIVE: Ayron Jones lifts people up from hardship on ‘Take Me Away’

'I hope it will bring people up and not let them stay in that place they're in'

Ayron Jones is a name you’re going to want to know. At this rate, it’s happening in quick order.

“It’s been a whirlwind,” Ayron Jones told RADIO.COM’s Ryan Castle in what might be an understatement. Jones is fresh off the release of his fantastic new single “Take Me Away” and the rising rocker is just getting started.

“My manager said before this all happened that this was all going to happen really fast. Even though it’s been an unpredictable year in terms of COVID and things like that, it’s still moving real quick.”

On one hand, Jones has been managing his burgeoning music career. On the other, he’s managing fatherhood. His son just turned one year old and he’s also helping oversee his kids' schoolwork while he's at home. “My wife takes over most of the heavy lifting when it comes to school stuff because I have to do interviews and talk to people or go to the studio.”

“I am very present and am definitely involved. I never saw myself sitting here trying to work with my kids on their math homework,” laughs. “My dreams are to be out on the road playing in front of thousands of people.”

As eager as Jones is to fulfill those dreams, he recognizes the reality of the situation and how delicate the return of live music will be. “It’s going to take some time,” he said. “It’ll start off slow, there'll be some apprehension there as we get used to this new way of life. People are starting to figure out how to keep themselves safe and immunities build, we'll see it get bigger and bigger. I think there’s definitely going to be an initial hesitation to get back into clubs. I too had the experience of being in a couple bars and being like, ‘I don’t know if I should be here.’”

Being involved in the Seattle music scene has provided Jones with some fantastic opportunities. Still, he knows there’s a certain stigma that comes with being a guitarist from Seattle. “There’s definitely an expectation that I’m going to have a certain sound,” he said.

“Whenever I meet people, first of all they’re surprised I don’t rap. Secondly, being a guitar player from Seattle and playing rock music, that expectation is there where people want me to be a grunge player. Absolutely, I’m into all that, but I don’t want to identify with one or the other.”

Instead, his music showcases the diverse set of sounds that influenced him when he was growing up. “I grew up in the 80’s and listened to a myriad of different artists from throughout the decades and some of my favorite artists are from many different genres,” he said. “I always wanted to make a style of music that was going to be suited for all that.”

Jones calls his latest single “Take Me Away” an “anthem for the restless soul.” Not only does it stem from his own personal experience, but it’s an experience that Jones frequently heard as he met people who’ve had a parent abandon them, succumb to drugs, or experience other hardships when they were growing up.

“It’s taking all that energy and turning it into something positive that I hope will bring people up and not let them stay in that place they’re in.”

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