EXCLUSIVE: Runaway June Talks Tequila, Toilet Paper, and the Meaning Behind 'Blue Roses'

The trio answers a question for every song on their debut LP

Fresh off the release of their debut album, Blue Roses, we got together with Runaway June for a unique look inside the LP. Packed with fun, friendship, and empowerment, we let the tracklist lead the way as we asked Hannah, Naomi, and Jennifer about the stories inside and around the songs in the exclusive interview above.

“It means a lot to us, that’s why we made it the title” Naomi Cooke explains of “Blue Roses”, the final song and the title track for the album. “Ya know, blue roses and perfect, it doesn’t grow in the wild. You have to make it” she adds. “For us, the three of us, our combinations of talents and personalities make the band and made the record together.”

The title track is the favorite song the three have written, a soaring and sentimental closer. “It was just kind of a no-brainer, to direct our fans to the heart of the record and the heart of band which is ‘Blue Roses.’”

The song might be the “heart of the band”, but the trio’s passion and independence is all over Blue Roses. From hanging up old habits on “Head Over Heels” to the feminist flex of “Buy My Own Drinks”, Runaway June shines through the entirety of their debut.

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Doing it your own way sometimes means rewarding yourself, and with help from some of the album’s song titles we learned how that could be with the glory of top-shelf tequila or even large furniture.

“You don’t real feel bad the next day” smiles Naomi, breaking down the virtues of what she calls “high shelf” tequila. It’s how she buys her own drinks. For Jennifer Wayne, it’s the comfort of the perfect couch that caught her attention and helped her feel like “We Were Rich”. “The first thing that I bought with a large paycheck to treat myself was my couch” she laughs. “I didn’t measure it, I just sat in it and I loved it, and I bought it. And when they delivered it to my house it’s my entire living room.”

“But what do you do in a living room? You sit on your couch.
So I kept it.”

Watch the full interview above to learn who found “Trouble With This Town” trauma because of toilet paper, and who is really the “Good, Bad & Ugly”.

Runaway June will be playing a string of events across the country this summer, and will return with Carrie Underwood to the Cry Pretty Tour 360 in September. You can find the full list of upcoming shows here.