Chip and Joanna Gaines to Bring 'Fixer Upper' Back to TV


For fans who have missed Chip and Joanna Gaines' knack for fixing up houses that need some work, you're in luck. The hit show "Fixer Upper" is headed back to TV.

The Gaines couple stepped away from the show in 2018, but they've just revealed that the show is coming back with a new promo video. In a two-minute clip posted to Instagram, Chip and Joanna are seen driving to an undisclosed location.

Joanna asks Chip why he brought his hammer and tool belt along for the ride, to which Chip responds, "I like to just in case." Then, the big reveal comes along.

Chip pulls up to a house that needs some TLC, explaining to Joanna that he's signed them up for another season of "Fixer Upper." Joanna admits that she's missed the show.

Prior to announcing the reboot of the show, Joanna posted a photo to Instagram on Monday hinting at the teaser clip. "Preparing for a new season," Joanna wrote alongside a photo of her house with impeccable landscaping.

The Gaines pair opened up about their excitement for the reboot in a press release on Tuesday, Today reports.

"The day we wrapped our final episode of 'Fixer Upper,' we really believed it was a chapter closed," the duo explained. "We knew we needed a break and a moment to catch our breath. But we also knew we weren't done dreaming about ways to make old things new again."

"The past few years, we've continued tackling renovations and projects, doing the work we're passionate about, but I don't think either of us anticipated how the show would become such a permanent fixture in our hearts," the statement continues.

"We've missed sharing the stories of these families and their homes with you, and we're excited to do that again very soon!"

The new version of the show will air on Chip and Joanna's joint venture with Discovery Inc., Magnolia Network. The first five seasons of the show had a home on HGTV.

The new season is set to be unveiled next year.

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