Fran Drescher Is Working to Bring 'The Nanny' Back in a New Way


“The Nanny” is getting the musical treatment.

The sitcom’s star, Fran Drescher, announced on Wednesday that she’s teaming up with the show’s co-creator Peter Marc Jacobson to give the show its Broadway moment, Today reports. Jacobson also happens to be Drescher’s ex-husband.

Drescher and Jacobson will join forces to produce the book for the show while Rachel Bloom, star of the CW’s “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” will write the music and lyrics.

Drescher and Jacobson said in a statement, “We are SO excited to be working on the Broadway musical ‘The Nanny.’” The current hurdle they have to overcome is finding someone to star as the leading lady, Fran Fine, known for her larger-than-life character and flashy outfits.

Drescher revealed, “Of course I would do it myself, but we’d have to change the title to ‘The Granny.’”

And while news of the musical renaissance of “The Nanny” has excited Drescher fans, they’ll have to wait a little longer to actually indulge in the show in its Broadway form. Not only does the show lack a leading lady, but it has yet to come up with its entire cast.

Further announcements about the show will be made at a later date.

Speculation has come about that the next nanny could be Cardi B. In 2018, Drescher told PeopleTV that not only was she a fan of the rapper, but she’d love to do a sitcom with her. “She’s from New York. We both have funny voices. She could be my daughter!” Drescher explained.

“The Nanny” aired from 1993 to 1999.

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