Billie Joe Armstrong Loves Shakira's Green Day Cover

The frontman approves of the singer’s stripped down take

Imagine the possibilities. This weekend Shakira shared a cover of Green Day’s classic, “Basket Case,” offering a bright and animated version of the group’s song. As her producer strums along on the acoustic guitar, the “Hips Don’t Lie” singer finds the vibe and bounces along.

“Me, being a basket case with my producer,” she wrote on Twitter while sharing the clip.

Billie Joe Armstrong was quick to repost the video, adding exclamation points and a heart.

You might have heard, Shakira is set to play a little venue in Miami in February with Jennifer Lopez. The two will take on the Super Bowl Halftime Show at Hard Rock Stadium, and we suddenly have some ideas.

As some have complained about a lack of rock at the big game, or have looked for new ways to represent everyone at the Super Bowl, maybe this “Basket Case” cover is just what we need to get Green Day on the field. If Spongebob can do it, why can’t Billie Joe and company? Shakira did promise surprises. Wait, why is the band’s new album dropping on the same date as the Super Bowl? Is this already happening? Did we crack the code?

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Either way, it’s not like Green Day isn’t already busy. The group’s Father Of All Motherf***ers album does arrive in February, and they are set for the HELLA MEGA Tour kicking off next summer with Weezer and Green Day. They also are already the official band of the NHL. But, c’mon. Please.

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