EXCLUSIVE: What Rihanna Told Normani Backstage at the 'Savage X Fenty' Show

The “Motivation” singer shares her inspiration

You might know more about Normani’s “Motivation” video than she does.

In a new interview with RADIO.COM, the singer shares why the song was such an important introduction for her, and how great the fans have been about the visuals.

“I wanted something different, something that my audience has yet to be able to see and witness,” she says about the bop released in August. “I wanted something very uptempo, high in energy, and I thought why not have ‘Motivation’ be the segue into being able to do so. I really wanted to just dance, which is my first passion.”

Normani came up on early 2000s Hip Hop and R&B, so when the time came to make a video, she knew what she wanted. She didn’t count on the fans knowing it better than she did though, offering deep interpretations of her video with evidence to prove it.

“The visuals were unmatched, and I wanted to be a part of that,” she smiles, talking about that era of music videos. “I didn’t necessarily think too deeply about the specific setups. I saw a lot of comparisons on the internet, like my fans were putting side-by-sides like, ‘Oh J.Lo. This is the scene that Normani was inspired by from this music video,’ and like, ‘Crazy In Love,’ ‘she was inspired by the opening for the intro of the music video.’ It wasn’t that thought out, I just knew what energy I wanted to capture.”

Consider it captured, and another level up for Normani’s amazing 2019. “I just got to showcase what I knew I was capable of doing,” she adds.

Weeks later, Normani went from emulating Rihanna videos to being in one, taking part in her Savage X Fenty Show for New York Fashion Week. “She asked me to be a part of the special moment and I was honored,” Normani gushes. “It was funny because backstage she was like, ‘I don’t know if I love you or I hate you,’” she laughs.

“She’s just such a light. Positive spirit. Free spirit. And I was just honored to even be part of such a magical, and for me, historic moment.”

The 23-year-old singer has now worked with the baddest, but she still has a few names on her collaboration wishlist. “I’ve been wanting to collaborate with Rosalía, J. Cole, and Kendrick [Lamar],” she says.

For more from Normani, check out the full interview above. “Motivation” is now available everywhere.

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