Priyanka Chopra reveals how Nick Jonas is dealing with diabetes in quarantine

How the couple is transitioning from jet setters, to socially distant stars

Priyanka Chopra isn’t taking any chances when it comes to her husband, Nick Jonas’ health during a spike of coronavirus cases across the United States.

The international entertainer tells ET that she and Nick both have pre-existing conditions and have remained vigilant avoiding exposure. "We've been very, very safe actually, because Nick is Type 1 [diabetic], and I'm asthmatic," she told the network over video chat. "So, you know, we've just been super careful about who we interact with and how we do it."

Chopra was forced to put her acting career on hold due to COVID-19 safety precautions across the industry. Her latest film, Evil Eye, was filmed near the end of 2019. The Executive Producer hopes health conditions can clear up as she’s "so excited about going back to set.”

"I've been doing a lot of developmental stuff and producing a bunch of work, so actually quarantine has been very, very productive for both me and Nick," she said. "But just the idea of tangibly being back on set is, like, crazy."

There is one thing Chopra appreciated about her quarantine experience. “Traffic. I don't miss being stuck in traffic and going to meetings," she laughed. "I'm actually really grateful to be able to wear sweatpants with, like, a formal shirt and, you know, do an interview."

Nick has also been at work getting the family band back together. The JoBro’s announced a virtual winter concert series for December 3. Fans will create Nick, Joe, and Kevin’s set list in real-time via a live comment section that will run during the concert. Customized hashtags will also be available.

When a viewer shoots off one of these hashtags the viewer will experience visuals created just for the concert, on their screens. Fans will also get to choose which camera angle they are watching from and be able to save and share moments from the show to social media.

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