Stuart Milk Says It’s In Our Self-Interest To Ensure No One Is Marginalized

The activist shares his take on a modern sense of Pride

Shortly after news broke about the United States Supreme Court ruling that it is illegal to discriminate based on gender and sexual orientation in the workplace, Stuart Milk, who’s own activist endeavors have been inspired by his uncle, spoke with RADIO.COM's AJ Gibson and Mikalah Gordon of CHANNEL Q’s The Morning Beat.

Stuart, nephew of the ever-revered Harvey Milk, and LGTBQ human rights activist passionately explains, “It’s in our self-interest, everyone’s self-interest, that nobody is marginalized or diminished… and certainly no violence towards any community because of who they are, the color of their skin, their faith, who they love, their organs, or their sex.”

“A lot of us who have been doing this work for a long time have started to see that we have changed hearts and minds. And when I say we, it's everyday people. It’s everyday heroes that became visible and came out to people. It’s my uncle’s message of visibility that has given us this steady progress,” proclaims the human rights advocate.

In regards to the intersection of the Black Lives Matter movement and the celebration of Pride, Milk says, “we always work with other minority communities. That was my uncle’s hallmark…. When you talk about the LGBT community you’re talking about Black lives, you’re talking about Black trans lives, you’re talking about people of color, you’re talking about indigenous people, so we are all of those groups.” Milk also adds, “hopefully we are at a moment where we can really say let's draw a line in the sand and say we have to move forward. We have to stop the brutal killing of our brothers and sisters.”

From Stuart’s perspective, the effect of the pandemic has played a role as a catalyst for change and has contributed to social unrest. However, Stuart is cautiously optimistic. The activist understands that there is a possibility for burn-out or for momentum to naturally die down, but with a well of vast knowledge he imparts, “there is definitely an imprint made and we have to build on that.” Milk emphasizes the idea that we can’t stop now. “Although I am hopeful of this moment and I think we need to seize this moment, we have to remind people that we must stay vigilant…This is a long haul project.”

Finally, Milk underscores his thoughts on the meaning of pride today, in a more modern context, “pride is something that is every day of the year. It’s not just in June. I love the fact that Pride is an everyday thing and that it is intersectional and that it's global.”

You can listen to the full interview with Milk above.

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