Italian Designer Creates the 'Trikini,' Bikini Set With Matching Face Mask

By ALT 103.7

With many people currently going out in public wearing a face mask, many fashion brands have decided to hop on the trend, creating their own masks to sell. Now, an Italian designer has taken things a step further in preparation for summer.

They invented the “trikini,” a bikini set with a matching face mask.

Tiziana Scaramuzzo, the designer behind Italian brand, Elexia Beachwear, has been promoting her latest fashion invention on her social media accounts.

The “trikini” is a matching swim wear set, including bottoms, a top, and a face mask to match the design. According to Scaramuzzo, she thought of the idea while “joking with the family.”

While many beaches remain closed, the new swimwear line will be perfect for when beaches eventually open, but beachgoers still want to remain safe.

Since sharing photos of the “trikini”, Scaramuzzo has received many likes and purchase request from fans wanting one of their own. As seen in her photos, the swimwear set comes in a number of designs.

When beaches finally open, there may be plenty of trendy face masks still around.

Via Fox News

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