10 Ways Your Experience at Disney Parks Will Be Different Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic


The coronavirus pandemic has forced us to adapt to a "new normal" everywhere we go including Disney World.

Disney parks have begun phased reopenings after shutting down all parks in March.

With new safety protocols in place, some things that have made the iconic parks magical over the years have been forced to undergo some changes, reported Insider.

Here’s how Disney might be different the next time you visit:

No More Ticket Counters Because You Need Reservations

You can’t just buy tickets to the park the day of by walking up to the ticket counter. In order for the parks to adhere to capacity limits and ensure proper social distancing, the parks are making reservations a requirement using the Disney Park Pass System.

No More Park Hopping

You’re only able to make a reservation for one park per day. Due to COVID restrictions, guests will no longer be able to visit multiple parks per day or buy passes that allowed them to “park hop.” This is done with attendance limitations in mind.

Parking Lot Trams Are No Longer Running

In the pre-coronavirus world, trams would take guests from the parking lot to the theme park. To minimize contact and ensure proper social distancing, trams will not be operating during the pandemic. Cars will also be parked in every other parking space

Masks On -- Even for Mickey Mouse!

The parks have a mandatory face mask policy for everyone including guests, employees, and characters. Yes, that means even Mickey Mouse and Cinderella are donning face coverings to protect themselves from the novel virus. However, most cast members will have cardboard smiles that they will hold up in front of their mouths. This is the happiest place on Earth, after all! Face masks with holes, mesh or valves are not allowed.

No Character Meet-and-Greets

If you were hoping to snag a picture with Tiger or meet Elsa, you may want to postpone your Disney trip. Due to social distancing protocols, meet-and-greets are temporarily unavailable. You will still see your favorite costumed characters making their rounds and waving safely from a distance. Don’t forget to wave back!

X Marks the Spot

You still have to wait in line for any attraction or ride, but at least you won’t be crowded by all the other eager visitors. Everyone is required to stand on their mark, which ensures a safe distance of 6-feet at all times!

Contactless Pay

Cash won’t be accepted. Disney World’s website notes they are operating on a cashless and contactless payment system for all purchases made in the park including food, drinks, and merchandise. Cashless payments include credit cards, debits cards, and Disney gift cards.

Scan for Your Menu

You’ve likely seen this implemented at other establishments already, but many restaurants will now have digital menus instead of physical ones that have been touched by guests before you. You will scan a QR code with your phone to access the digital menu. If you have the My Disney Experience app, you can also take advantage of mobile order.

Playgrounds Will Not Be Open

If you’re staying at a Disney World Resort, you’ll be bummed to hear that the playgrounds for kids 2-12 have been temporarily closed out of an abundance of caution. But you can still enjoy the attractions and entertainment inside the parks!

Fireworks and Parades Temporarily Canceled

Your magical day sadly won’t end with a Happily Ever After fireworks show. Fireworks and parades have been cancelled to accommodate physical distancing and avoid attracting big crowds.

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