12-Year-Old Makes Stylish Face Masks for Health Care Workers Battling Coronavirus


This is one spring break Ashlyn So will never forget.

While most 12-year-olds are spending their time off from school playing video games and watching TV, So, an aspiring fashion designer, is making face masks for health care workers.

"I heard that hospitals needed more masks and they were taking home-sewn masks so I knew that I wanted to help," Ashlyn So told Good Morning America.

"I had to help because medical workers were doing so much for us. They risk their lives and their families to help others,” she explained.

The sixth-grader, whose work has been featured in New York Fashion Week, has been using her skills and talent for a good cause to make fashionable face masks for those fighting on the frontlines.

The template, which So says came from a “hospital site,” was previously used to make masks for those affected by the California fires in 2019.

She’s adapting it now to make masks for doctors, nurses, and patients battlling the coronavirus pandemic.

So is involved in every step of the creative process; her mother, Angela Wu, cuts the fabric while So does the sewing.

She even adds in a cute design like hamburgers or lipsticks to help "loosen up an otherwise tense atmosphere at the hospitals.” So added, “When you are in a hospital it helps to have a distraction.

So far, she’s made roughly 200 masks, but her goal is to reach 500.

So refuses to sell the masks for a profit. When fans ask if she will be selling the masks, she encourages donations on her website so that she can purchase more materials.

While most see the middle schooler as an inspiration, So remained humble, telling GMA, "It is very important that during a time like this we help each other and come together as a community."

So isn't the only young person helping out in the midst of a crisis. Recently, a teen pilot took to the skies to deliver medical supplies to healthcare workers in rural parts of Virginia.

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