22 Hospital Labor and Delivery Staffers Were Pregnant at Same Time, 18 Now Moms

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Oh baby! That is a lot of newborns!

At St. Elizabeth's Healthcare in Kentucky, 22 delivery and labor staffers were all pregnant at the same time this year.

According to Good Morning America, 18 of the women are now mothers. The hospital said the group consisted of nurses, administrative workers and physicians.

Two of the newborns were born on September 25, while four more women still need to give birth. The last mother is expected to have her baby in January of 2020.

Kristy McDowell told GMA that she was the first to have her baby on May 13. McDowell is a labor and delivery nurse. She welcomed a girl Priscilla who weighed four pounds and eight ounces. Her baby spent 34 days in the NICU, but is now doing well.

"She's [now] the biggest out of all of them," McDowell said. "She's very happy, always smiling [and] doesn't cry unless she's hungry," she added.

St. Elizabeth's Healthcare in Kentucky posted the good news to their Facebook page. The hospital captioned the post, "While there are many things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, our providers in the Family Birth Place have given us 21 very special reasons this year."

McDowell said everyday she would come into the hospital, more women would announce their pregnancy.

The women expressed how excited they are to see all of the babies grow up together.

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