35-year-old father of 5 dies of COVID: 'It's so unfair'

A young Texas family is mourning the death of their patriarch who died after battling coronavirus.

Matthew Law, a father of five, passed away from COVID-19 after first feeling ill on Halloween.

“He woke up and started running a fever, and said, 'I just don’t feel right,’” his wife, Jennifer Law, told NBCDFW.  “He was tired and I said, 'You need to go get tested,' and he said, ‘No, it’s probably just a cold.’”

After driving an hour away to a CVS to get tested, the 35-year-old received a positive diagnosis.

Once home, the entire family quarantined as Matthew’s condition fluctuated.

"He was home, would get better, would get worse, would get better, then got a lot worse," Jennifer said.

His symptoms then continued to get worse.

“His fever would get high and he would feel really miserable and the body aches were terrible,” the mother of five added. “He said it felt like he broke every bone in his body at once, it was just so excruciating.”

When his oxygen levels dropped, Matthew was admitted to Methodist Mansfield hospital on November 9th. He was quickly moved into the intensive care unit and put on a ventilator. Less than 24 hours later, he passed away.

His wife expressed shock over the death of her army veteran husband.

“Thirty-five years old, healthy, zero underlying health conditions, two tours in Iraq and this is what caused his death," she shared.

Now a single mother to five children between the ages of 1 and 11, Jennifer is especially distraught that they weren’t able to say goodbye to their father.

“They’ll never get to see Dad again. He’s not going to be there for all of their life achievements, their graduations, weddings and everything like that," she confessed. "It's so unfair and it’s so wrong and I want to be able to fix that for them, but I can't do that."

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