5 ways you can prepare your home for the holidays right now


Whether you want to admit it or not, the holidays are upon us.

We’re in the latter half of 2020, and for some, that also means that Christmas is just a few weeks away.

There's plenty to do around the house to get it ready for the holiday season, so check out our little checklist to help keep you organized and on-task.

Clean Your Kitchen

You’re going to be spending a lot of time cooking in the kitchen this time of the year, so you may want to get a head start on deep cleaning your kitchen. We’re talking about decluttering your storage and unearthing baking pans, cookie cutters, and other utensils you likely only need around the holidays or when you’re cooking for a big group. Also make sure all of your necessary appliances are working because if not, you’re going to want to replace them by taking advantage of those Black Friday sales!

Dust Off the Fine China

You know, the pretty plates that only come out on a special occasion or a celebratory meal! They’ve been tucked away for so long that they deserve some TLC before being displayed for all to see during the holidays. Brush off the dust so that they are ready the next time you need to set the table!

Deck the Bathroom

Your bathroom shouldn’t be neglected in the holiday shuffle. Bring the cozy feeling in by setting up a scented candle, decorating your shelves, and even swapping out the hand towels and rugs for something a little festive. Sprinkling a little holiday joy will go a long way, especially when it's time to take a nice relaxing bath!

Check Your Decorations

You took your time packing away all your holiday decorations last year, but that doesn’t mean they're all in one-piece. Or maybe your vision for this year’s decorations is slightly different. Go through all your lights, ornaments, wreaths, and more in advance to make sure that everything is ready to go when you're finally ready to decorate. This way, if you need to buy something, you don’t have to wait till the last minute to go shopping.

Become a Gift-Wrapping Elf

There’s nothing better than wrapping gifts during the holiday season. Okay, maybe watching Hallmark holiday movies, but you can still do that while wrapping all the fun goodies you bought for your friends and family. Too many people wait until the last minute to wrap up gifts, but that puts you at risk of running out of wrapping paper, gift bags, or worst of all, tape. Set up a little wrapping station at home and outfit it with all the supplies you’ll need. It’s like an elves workshop right in your home!

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