Adorable puppy born with rare green fur gets the perfect name


We are green with envy.

An Italian farmer got the most adorable surprise when his dog, Spelacchia, welcomed a litter of five pups and one emerged with green fur, according to Reuters.

Cristian Mallocci named the rare puppy Pistachio, as the four other dogs were all born with white fur like their mother.

While Spelacchi is a mixed-breed, it doesn’t explain why Pistachio came out green.

The unusual color is said to occur when pale puppies come into contact with a green pigment called biliverdin inside their mother’s womb, the outlet noted. Biliverdin is also what makes some bruises appear green.

But Pistachio’s eclectic hue isn’t expected to last forever. Each day the green fur will continue to fade as the pup grows older.

Regardless, Pistachio’s uniqueness has already made him stand out in his owner’s eyes. While Mallocci plans to find new homes for the four pups with white fur, he’s keeping Pistachio on his farm in Sardinia to look after sheep alongside his mom, Spelacchi.

The farmer also noted that with green being the symbol of luck and hope, he believes Pistachio was meant to bring a smile to people amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Based on the responses from online fans, he’s correct.

“So cute,” wrote one follower.

“Perfect name,” added another

“Long live PISTACHIO,” commented a third.

Even if the green hue fades, he’s adorable in any color.

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