Man Makes 14-Hour Boat Trip to Costco Every Week to Supply His Small City With Food


One man will do whatever it takes to get groceries at Costco.

A grocer in a remote Alaskan region that is only accessible by boat or plane is making sure his city has food during the coronavirus pandemic.

Toshua Parker, owner of Icy Strait Wholesale in Gustavus, Alaska, has been making a once-a-week boat trip with his staff to Juneau. They travel 50 miles to the state's capital to restock on essential foods at Costco, reported by CNN.

However, the story has a twist - the journey takes 14 hours to complete on a 96-foot long converted military landing craft.

Gustavus is a coastal community that borders Glacier Bay National Park. The city has 450 residents, and the only place to buy groceries is ToshCo, the nickname for Parker's grocery store.

Parker typically has supplies shipped from Costco to his store from the state's ferry system. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the system is no longer running. It also is closed due to damage caused to the city's dock by severe storms.

Without a delivery service, the city has been short on food and supplies. Parker wanted to help and come up with a plan.

"It's funny because, for us, this doesn't seem like a big deal," Parker said.

Parker explained how people in his state are independent, and they have resources. He added that if residents are having a problem, they usually don't ask for help before finding a way to fix it themselves.

The small business owner works alongside his employees and local fishermen. Parker has been making the trip since March and schedules his trips around the weather and tides.

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