Bakery Giving Away Over 1,000 Cakes to Seniors Missing Graduation Parties


The coronavirus pandemic has put a lot of milestone events on hold for many across the country.

Millions of students in the class of 2020 had to change their celebrations due to the coronavirus by throwing virtual parties or having a quiet evening at home.

One Minnesota bakery has found a sweet way to make local students feel special for their special day, reported Delish.

Hanisch Bakery and Coffee Shop in the town of Red Wing made a custom cake for every graduating senior at Red Wing High School. As the coronavirus continued to get worse, Bill Hanisch, the owner, knew he had to do something.

The owner felt motivated to make people smile as they were missing out on their special day.

"I just figured I needed to do something cool for these kids, and the thing that I relate to graduation is a cake," Hanisch said.

At first, he planned to bake a cake for each of Red Wing High School's 200 graduating seniors, but then the word got out.

"It's been awesome. It's been so fun to tell the story about how it started, from just making cakes for my own town to how it's grown," Hanisch said.

The bakery has made more than 1,000 personalized cakes, which have been delivered to students within 45 minutes of the bakery. Hanisch said all of the money from these cakes are going to the 21 employees that work at the business.

Hanisch said his business continues to take local orders.

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