Biden says he's 'bringing back the pros' in regular COVID-19 response briefings

By KNX 1070

President Joe Biden announced Tuesday that his top scientific team will begin holding briefings three times a week on the state of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Unlike briefings held by President Trump early in the pandemic, Biden’s are meant to offer transparency and hope to rebuild confidence in scientific institutions, and the government.

"We’re bringing back the pros to talk about COVID in an unvarnished way,” Biden told reporters Tuesday. “Any questions you have, that’s how we’ll handle them because we’re letting science speak again.”

More than 425,000 Americans have lost their lives to the virus, Biden’s health briefings (which begin Wednesday 1/27), are in direct contrast to his predecessor, which many have accused of silencing scientists.

According to reporting by KTLA, Dr. David Hamer, a professor of global health and medicine at Boston University’s School of Public Health, says Biden’s new and more honest briefings to the public “based on serious science” could also improve the perception of the efficacy of the vaccine.

“There’s a certain amount of vaccine hesitancy, and so educating people about the vaccine, how it works, how safe it is and how it can protect against the disease but also slow transmission is really important,” he said.

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