Can Non-Filers Still Get Stimulus Money for Their Dependents?

The Internal Revenue Service is reopening registration for Americans who do not file income taxes, or make too little to file, in order to get supplemental $500 stimulus payments for their dependent children.

As part of the CARES Act, qualifying individuals were entitled to $1,200 stimulus checks and $500 for each qualifying dependent child. Many parents who received their stimulus checks, never obtained the supplemental money for their kids, reported the Washington Post.

Earlier this year, the IRS created a special non-filers tool for these individuals to use as a way to process payments and gather data on their dependent children.

While Individuals receiving Social Security retirement benefits, survivor or disability benefits, or Railroad Retirement benefits automatically received stimulus payments without filing, they also needed to use the non-filers tool to qualify for the $500 for their dependent children.

On April 20th, the IRS alerted individuals receiving federal benefits that they only had 48 hours to claim the $500 for their qualifying children. If they missed the window, they’d have to wait until filing their 2020 income taxes to get their money.  In addition, individuals who receive SSI or Veterans Affairs benefits were given until May 5th to claim the supplemental payments.

Because of the short window, many missed the narrow deadline and never received the payments for their dependent children.

Now the IRS has reversed course and will allow individuals who receive federal benefits and did not file taxes, as well as those that make too little to file, added time to claim the $500 payments.

From August 15th to September 30th, these individuals can use the non-filers tool to apply for the supplemental $500 for each qualifying dependent child. According to the IRS, payments will be dispersed by mid-October.

“I’m really grateful that the IRS has taken this step,” said Jennifer Burdick, an attorney with Community Legal Services. “It addresses the issue of access to the portal to get supplement payments that was arbitrarily closed only for federal beneficiary recipients.”

Negotiations for of a new round of stimulus checks are currently stalled as House Democrats and White House officials are unable to reach middle ground on a deal.

For now, it appears the likelihood a second round of stimulus checks won't be approved until at least September.

The Senate is scheduled to reconvene on Sept. 8. The House of Representatives, which already commenced its recess, isn’t scheduled back until Sept. 14.

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