New tool allows you to check COVID risk before attending Thanksgiving dinner


If you're concerned about going home for the holidays with coronavirus cases spiking, there's now a way for you to make a truly calculated risk using a tool that will show you the chances of being exposed to the virus.

Developed by Georgia Tech researchers, the COVID-19 Event Risk Assessment Planning Tool gives you the opportunity to sift around state by state and county by county to determine your chances of coming into contact with COVID-19, WGN9 reports.

All you have to do is determine the size of the event you're planning on going to, and the tool will give you the calculated risk based on location.

"It's fairly difficult for most people to figure out what it means when people say there are 100,000 COVID-19 infections today," said Dr. Aroon Chande, a lead developer of the tool. "It's really hard to take that number and then directly say, 'oh maybe I shouldn't do this activity.'"

For example, when looking into a 15-person gathering in Los Angeles County in California, the tool predicts that you have a 14% risk level in coming into contact with the coronavirus.

However, Chande wants to make people aware that two separate events will be an additive risk - rather than each percentage applying to each risk.

"If you do happen to go to on person's house for Thanksgiving together, then to another person's house for a second get-together, those risks are additive, it's not like they're two separate events," Chande said.

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