Chick-fil-A has most popular but slowest drive-thru service, study finds

Although not the fastest drive-thru, the chicken restaurant wins in accuracy, customer service, and taste

The most popular drive-thru belongs to Chick-fil-A according to the 2020 SeeLevel HX Annual Drive-Thru Study.

The chicken nugget fast-food chain took the top spot among 10 popular fast-food restaurants. It ranked number one in accuracy, customer service, and taste.

However, among the 10 restaurants studied, Chick-fil-A was ranked the slowest drive-thru with an average wait time of eight minutes.

In a statement, the chain praised their employees “for their dedication to customer service and resiliency during what has been a challenging year for all. They have worked tirelessly to share a smile through a mask and deliver a seamless, contactless experience, primarily in our drive-thrus," reported the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

KFC took the number one spot in speed with an average wait time of just 4.7 minutes according to the study.

The study also found that the average cost for a meal is estimated at $6.83.

Below is the list of restaurants from fastest to slowest drive-thrus.

1. KFC

2. Taco Bell

3. Hardee’s

4. Carl’s Jr.

5. Burger King

6. McDonald’s

7. Dunkin’

8. Wendy’s

9. Arby’s

10. Chick-fil-A

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