Coronavirus: How Long Will Your Toilet Paper Last?


In the past few weeks as people around the world realized that they would most likely face the COVID-19 pandemic in their own communities, consumers prepared for the possibility of going into quarantine.

In some places, people bought so many necessities like toilet paper that they created a shortage, with stores running out or having to limit the number of packs that clients could buy at a time.

For those that are now staying home, either under government orders or due to self-quarantine, knowing how much time the toilet paper in their homes will last is now a concern.

Luckily, there’s a website that can help with that. How Much Toilet Paper can tell you how long the toilet paper you have in your home will last, and if it will be enough so that you don’t have to go out and buy more.

The site is user-friendly – you enter how many rolls of toilet paper you have in the house and how many times per day you use the bathroom, and it will tell you how long your supply will last.

For a more accurate analysis, click into the advanced options. There you can tell the site your average number of wipes per trip, how many sheets you use per wipe, and how many sheets there are per roll.

Finally, the site will ask you how many days you foresee being under quarantine, and based on the information you enter, it will calculate if you’ll be able to make it through your quarantine with enough toilet paper.

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