Could a Second Stimulus Check ‘Go Higher’ Than $1,200?


While a second stimulus check seems all but certain, the timeline and amount of another round of relief is up in the air.

According to the president, Americans may end up receiving a greater direct cash payment than previously assumed.

On Wednesday, Donald Trump suggested that under a new stimulus package, taxpayers could end up receiving checks worth more than the $1,200 sent out under March’s CARES Act.

"It may go higher than that actually," Trump told ABC affiliate KMID in Texas. "I'd like to see it be very high because I love the people. I want the people to get it."

While he hinted that the amount could be higher, Trump did not specify exactly how much he had in mind.

His comments come days after Senate Republicans put forth a new COVID-19 relief plan. Titled the HEALS Act, the bill includes a second $1,200 stimulus check, and a reduction of unemployment benefits to $200 per week, down from the $600 currently paid out under the CARES Act.

The $1 trillion bill was introduced days before weekly unemployment payments under the CARES Act officially expire on Friday, July 31. But according to comments Trump made earlier in the day, Congress and the White House are “so far apart” in their negotiations on the new plan.

Additionally, the bill faces the challenge of disagreements between Democratic and Republican lawmakers on what should be included in the bill. This includes the extension of the $600-per-week unemployment payment that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has cited as her starting point in negotiations.

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