NY Gov. Cuomo Tells Colbert He Wants De Niro to Play Him in Movie About the Pandemic


Gov. Andrew Cuomo told Stephen Colbert Thursday that if a movie is a made about the coronavirus pandemic he would want Robert De Niro to play him

Just a day earlier, De Niro was also on "The Late Show With Stephen Colbert," and said he would be up for playing Cuomo.

"In the movie of this, when it’s finally made, who do you want to have play you?" Colbert asked.

"De Niro, I am a big De Niro fan," Cuomo responded. "He is just phenomenal. The breadth of his ability, I mean, just look at all the roles he’s played. He can do anything, right? Deer Hunter, Cape Fear, he can do comedy... how 'bout Taxi Driver?"

Cuomo added, imitating De Niro's Travis Bickle "Taxi Driver," character, "I’m going to do 'Taxi Driver.' The next press conference, when a reporter asks me a question ... 'You talkin’ to me?'"

"Oh, boy, that’d be a treat. I’m a big De Niro fan. He’s a genius," Cuomo said.
When De Niro was asked by Colbert a day earlier who he would like to play in a movie, he said, "I guess I'll play Cuomo. He's doing what any president should do."

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