Dad Builds Backyard Ski Lift After Easter Trip Cancellation Over Coronavirus


A father was distraught after his ski trip was canceled and wanted to do something to make his children happy.

Steve Cross, a snowboarding instructor, had to cancel his skiing trip due to the global pandemic of COVID-19, reported the Daily Mail.

Cross, a native of the United Kingdom, wanted to do something in lieu of vacation for his wife, Nicky, and their daughters, Emily and Jessica. He did not want the lockdown to stop his family from having fun while social distancing.

Instantly, the father thought of a great idea and spent his extra free time building a ski lift in their garden in Hitchin, Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom.

“We go skiing as a family every Easter, and when the holiday was canceled due to the virus, the kids were gutted,” Cross said.

Cross wanted his family to get the ski trip experience at home. The father-of-two spent the whole day building the structure while attaching a chair to a rope and pulley system. As he was working on the project, his daughters were continually asking their father what he was building.

“When they finally figured it out, they were ecstatic and got stuck in helping me finish it so they could use it,” Cross said.

Cross joked and said he always gets a solid workout whenever his daughters use it because he has to pull them up himself.

The father decided to build the lift because “it would be more fun than fixing the shed.” He already made the slope alongside their treehouse. His daughters never tried to ski on it before.

He added that the family has been stuck and home, and he likes to keep busy and take on challenging projects.

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