Dell Podference: ‘Comments by Celebs’ Hosts Dish on Small Biz and Celebrity Endorsements

comments by celebs
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Having a connection to other business leaders is vital to small biz owners right now.

The Small Business Podference from Dell is providing founders with the opportunity to hear the unique entrepreneurial perspectives of premium podcast hosts.

Through the Podference, Dell Technologies is sharing lessons and strategies to help owners navigate the business landscape.

The Podference takes place May 1 - 31. Visit for more information.

Learn about the May 6 release below, featuring the hosts of "Comments by Celebs."

Comments by Celebs

In 2017, hosts Julie Kramer and Emma Diamond formed the @CommentsbyCelebs account which captured comments celebrities post on one another’s posts.

In this special episode of "Comments by Celebs," Kramer and Diamond open up about their favorite small business, and discuss the impact that a celebrity endorsement can have on budding companies.

The Small Business Podference is brought to you by Dell. For more information, visit