Resident doctor dies of coronavirus at 28 after treating COVID-19 patients


A 28-year-old resident doctor has died from COVID-19 after a two-month battle fighting the deadly virus.

Adeline Fagan worked in the OB/GYN unit and was in her second year of residency at a Houston, Texas hospital, reported People.

The young resident doctor was from Central New York and was taken to the emergency room on July 8, where she tested positive for COVID-19. She was then placed in quarantine, where her condition worsened.

Fagan’s sister Maureen created a GoFundMe page to help with medical bills after the Fagan became ill after working with coronavirus patients in the hospital’s emergency room. She was placed on a ventilator on August 3.

“That night her vitals were unstable and the doctors said that she was not responding well to the ventilator,” Maureen said on the GoFundMe page, explaining that doctors than “took the last remaining step available”: placing Fagan on an ECMO machine, which oxygenates the blood.

Maureen shared that her sister was expected to be on the ventilator for six to eight weeks.

On September 19, Fagan’s dad, Brant, shared an update in the GoFundMe to announce that she had passed away at 28.

Fagan was found unresponsive by her nurse the night before and was taken to get a CT scan, which showed that she had a “massive brain bleed.”

“The neurosurgeon said it was a ‘1 in a million’ chance she would even survive the procedure, but that Adeline would have several severe cognitive and sensory limitations if she did survive,” Brant’s update said. “Of that the doctor was sure.”

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