Doctor warns 10-minute hangout with neighbor left husband with COVID, family in quarantine


It doesn’t take long for COVID-19 to spread.

Dr. Lucy McBride learned that lesson the hard way when her husband became ill after a brief interaction with his neighbor, according to NBC Washington.

McBride, a physician who has been seeing patients in-person at Foxhall Internists in D.C. throughout the pandemic, has been vigilant about warning the public about the dangers of letting their guard down.

"If you take your eye off the ball for a minute, COVID-19 is right there waiting for you," Dr. McBride said while quaraninting in her home.

Her warnings became a reality over the weekend when her husband, who had been vigilant about staying socially distanced, invited his trusted neighbor over for a beer. The duo hung out for 10-minutes, according to McBride.

"I was shocked because my husband has been so, so, so careful," she said.

"Like all of us, he was experiencing pandemic fatigue and had a moment of unbridled joy at seeing his friend on his birthday," she explained of her husband’s lapse in judgement.

McBride, who saw her family during the holidays, was forced to warn her parents of their potential exposure.

"We were outside with them on Thanksgiving, distanced, but still, we had to tell them, you know, the remorse my husband felt, and remorse I felt was enormous," she said.

She explained that her husband displayed common symptoms like body aches and a sore throat for 48 hours. He is currently recovering and isolating in the basement.

The couple’s three children are staying in the house and wearing masks indoors.

The CDC recently recommended wearing a mask indoors when not at home, and wearing a mask in your own home indoors if someone living with you tested positive for coronavirus or has been potentially exposed.

For now, none of the other family members have contracted the virus or developed symptoms. .

"So the rest of us are doing fine. We feel well. We've had PCR tests, but as you know, the virus can show up at any moment," she warned.

They all plan to get tested again after a week. Pending negative results, they’ll be able to leave quarantine.

McBride reveals she hopes her story serves as a reminder that the virus can spread at any moment, especially when we let our guard down.

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